Third Eye Channel / 27.7.2018
Third Eye Channel / 27.7.2018

Third Eye Channel / 27.7.2018

Third Eye Channel

Third Eye Channel is a goa trance project by Stiven Ruvčeski, among the party-people known under the name of DJ Stevo. As he is son of heavy metal band drummer (“III channel”), he has been drawn into music from the earliest days and as a child he moves to music school. After he graduated and mastered the piano, he went to academic education in Germany, and today he teaches at the music school.


He comes to his first touch to goa trance with his first game in his life (Future Shock – Rave Invaders, 96th) as a thirteen-year-old, and soon he started a fanatic mixing and playing piano throughout the day. Classical music education brings skills such as instant recognition of harmony, tonality, tempo and other musical elements, and at the beginning of the 2000s, before buying his first players, he spins all-nite sets using a non-pitch CD player and line cassette decks, where he do beatmatching.

As the years go by, more and more people discover the magic of Stev’s marathon sets, and today he is a DJ for four publishing houses (Neogoa, Suntrip, Timewarp) and Third Eye Channel Records, which he has just launched. Running on countless parties and festivals from all over Croatia to Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, etc., one or a thousand people, he always gives his maximum to the audience and create a special atmosphere on its sets.

That his life is entirely devoted to the goa trance can be seen from countless parties he has organized, among which one should highlight three editions of the Balkan Goa fanatics festival, featuring performers from almost every corner of the world from USA to Japan.

Its production has long been hidden from the eyes of the public and in the shadow of DJ sets, but in recent years it is beginning to change. The third eye channel last year released two great tracks on the Neogoa Records compilations, and a large number of them are being made, including the remixes of the famous goa gold classics. The Sound of the Third Eye Channel is characterized by long melodies that slowly evolve throughout the whole song piece, and, that we dont do too much philosophy – just listen.



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