Ezoterica / 27.7.2018.
Ezoterica / 27.7.2018.

Ezoterica / 27.7.2018.

Ezoterica was founded as a project by Petar Hadrović and Emil Zuccon. It is a duo,  which is deeply embedded in music since early youth. Petar played the rhythm guitar in the punk band Anarchists and later in the experimental psychedelic rock band Hoffmani, while Emil was a keyboard player in the Angel of Fire metal band. Under the influence of parties in various clubs in Zagreb as well as on meadows and in forests, this duo comes into a contact with the goa trance sound and calls for moves and action!


Emil has always drawn the idea of ​​creating music. Going to the first goa trance party, the trance scene attracted him, and soon he found out himself in front of the computer by conveying his idea into the notes. His effort paid off, and then he performed at various parties named Mania and in 2017., releasing the first tape on the Neogoa label.

Petar started the goa trance production in 2006., listening to many of the world’s goa artists, like Power Source, Astral Projection, UX, Total Eclipse, Sheybe. Under the strong influence of Mario Mataković (producer; M-RUN), he had the idea to unite new technology and old school goa sound. He started “Project Sidhartha”, and soon released the first free tape on the Polish label “Cosmic Flower” under the name “Mind Tunel”. Later on, he also released music on other free labels such as “Multiverse Records” and “Neogoa”.

This duo joined their vision in 2013. and started the Ezoterica with the joint forces. They started in a poorly-equipped garage. Yet, now they possess synths such as Access virus C, Dave Smith MoPho, Venom, MfB, Korg TR, Roland and software additions such as Fruity Loops and Cubase, creating a unique psychedelic style that deviates from most of today’s production. This year they released their first EP, The Source Of Mana, while the album is still in production phase.

As we had a chance to listen to Emil”s music on last year’s High Ground with his solo project Mania, this year, Petar will come to us and introduce a unique esoteric sound.

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