Requiem / 28.7.2018.
Requiem / 28.7.2018.

Requiem / 28.7.2018.


Everything what’s good is worth repeating more than just once, which is certainly a rule for the last year’s performance of the Requiem band. Requiem group was founded in 2003., when four of the best friends decided to use their previous experience and music education in the form of a band. Josip Bodiš, Gordan Mlinarić, Goran Mauher and Martin Plantić started intense rehearsals. where the style and purpose were immediately clear … ROCK! The rehearsals were intense, hard, long and extremely productive. They went through the years with great effort until the guys came to the glamorous Croatian rock scene and somehow reached the peak of musical maturity when famous Croatian rock singer told them, “Guys I need a band.. when we make a rehearsal??”


Davorin Bogović

Namely, in 2010., Requiem performed in the fully-fledged HopDevil club in Branimir center and in the middle of the gig, unannounced and from nowhere on stage appeared Davorin Bogović (famous Croatian rock star, respectively), grabbed the microphone and started singing “Crno – bijeli svijet” (one of his best songs) … Guys, with only one eye-wink to each other, in the middle of the song, started to play as if they had been practicing this for weeks. Davorin stayed on the stage for the next half hour singing his hits as if it was all part of the concert. After 6-7 songs he, thanked the band and the audience. With a huge applause, he came downstairs from the audience and waited for the end of the concert.

DJ Tomekk

Igor Tomek, aka DJ Tomekk is also a must-have member of the “Requiem” group. He will finish the High Grounds Festival with rock, disco and funky rhythms. Music follows him throughout his life and his first debut as a DJ has been remembered since 1978. In addition to music, he is also an expert in many other areas, and has recently been investigating prehistoric sites.


Josip Bodiš


Gordan Mlinarić


Goran Mauher


Martin Plantić




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